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I booked my most recent tattoo with Luis, because the integrity of his work and his artistic abilities are absolutely moving. As if his work wasn't remarkable enough...the kind of human that he s only makes his skillset that much ore impressive. The Midwest is so lucky to have this mans talents accessible to us. 

"How would I describe my job well I wouldn't necessarily call it a job I really love tattooing. Most people don't like their jobs in my opinion. I am an artist and I think most artists feel the same way, we're very fortunate to be able to do what we do.


I believe I've had a passion for tattooing since around the age of 10. Growing up in South Los Angeles I was able to witness a lot of how should I say "experimenting" with tattoos. A lot more facial tattoos and bold lettering. It's definitely a lifestyle in LA.


Recently I've been noticing my work give me the feeling of  sort of an accomplished feeling especially when I can help someone get rid of or at least hide a scar or an unwanted blemish on their body. Especially self-harm victims when I see the look on their face makes me feel pretty good. If I am able to hide something they are not proud of I feel I have done what I needed to do.


What about tattooing fills my heart well I will say it's tattoos like Memorial pieces it might be a big one it might be a small one but whatever it is it gives a person closure and it's something they can look at that reminds them of their loved one that is no longer with us me personally I have my father's portrait on my arm and I know it definitely helps me.


If  I could say one thing to the world  honestly it would probably be get rid of the hate Life's too short for that crap besides that only makes you miserable ,and nobody likes being around that I don't care what they say.


Where do I hope to end up with  my craft well I can honestly say that I am nowhere near where I want to be I feel that I still have a long way to go there's so many great artists out there that I admire and hope to be just as good as someday but I don't focus on that I just try to focus on making my own tattoos better. And even though I have worked for someone throughout most of my career I plan on opening my own shop when my wife's military career is finished. 


Well I guess the only piece of wisdom that comes to mind would be that if you love doing something keep doing it even if you suck at it just keep doing it I've been around people who are able to pick up a machine and automatically make wonderful tattoos and then I've been around people who at first couldn't draw a straight line and now they work in the same shop so don't give up✌"

-Luis Leyva

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