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About  their experience...

"Have you ever met someone and immediately felt at ease? Your interactions including them are a breath of fresh air in the occasionally chaotic world we’re in. Now imagine that person capturing the most genuine, breathtaking photos of your heart that lives outside of your body. Magic! The first shoot I booked with Destiny was for my 6 month old. Upon our arrival she wrapped each of us up in her arms instantly putting any concerns I had to the wayside. I knew he’d be in great hands. The images that were produced from our session, left me mesmerized, quite literally. Which was a new experience for me. Sure I had taken 100s of photos of my beautiful child, but it’s different when someone with fresh eyes and creative talent such as Destiny, does it. All of them were so thoughtful, I was moved to tears. I immediately booked 2 more sessions. One being our family Christmas pictures and they didn’t disappoint. I am one whom has NEVER felt comfortable in front of a camera. I overthink every movement and expression. But with Destiny on the other side of the lens, I felt beautiful. She gave me the confidence to shine. The outcome made me beam with pride. She’s a true talent! I am grateful for how my family is captured through her eyes."

-Hannah Schneider

After having a terrible experience with our wedding photographer we were a little hesitant to take photos again with someone we didn’t really know. We decided to take a chance on couples photos again for our wedding anniversary with Destiny, we immediately knew that this was what it should be like. She made us feel comfortable and excited to get our photos taken. Shooting with her was an experience in itself! Destiny is super charismatic and made us feel confident in ourselves during the shoot. We were amazed with how quickly we got the photos back and how incredible the photos came out. We look forward to shooting with her again for all of our future milestones. 


- Jesse & Bethany Ewart

There's so much I could say about Destiny, but I will give you a few key words that describe her and her work:  unique, personable, charming, charismatic and phenomenal.  For Destiny, you can tell photography is her passion, not work, and that shows in every portrait she takes.  I am someone who doesn't like to have my photo taken and I feel in love with the photos Destiny took of my family.  They were raw and real, but captured the best.  You can't even tell that my daughter wasn't in the best of moods and wasn't being very cooperative.  The connections Destiny has with people is astonishing.  She and my daughter have an unspoken bond and have since the moment they met.  For me, Destiny is an old soul with a new perspective.  She's genuine and sincere.  She is a person that the first time you meet her you would've thought you've known her forever.  She has an uncanny ability for photography.  She is an inspiration as photographer and person.        

-Mindy Worthing

Romantic, dynamic, and real. Three words that come to mind when I think of Destiny. Destiny lives in a world of pure joy and romance and when she photographs you she invites you into this world. You feel beautiful, seen, and empowered. She makes you feel so at home in your own body that you can’t help but radiate that same joy. The images she creates are full of whimsy and will make your heart burst into a million tiny pieces. Her energy beams from behind the camera. You will feel so comfortable being yourself. The real you. That’s what this woman does. Exposes the real, beautiful, perfect you. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her. If you’re ready to feel the magic, she’s your girl. 

-Taylor Bricker

"It had been since the late 1970s that I had professional portraits taken
outside. But somehow, Destiny carved out some time from her busy schedule
for a last-minute photo session with me. It was one week until Christmas,
and I found myself suddenly searching for a unique gift for my husband.
Just three days prior, he had surprised me with a beyond gorgeous Taylor
guitar; I just had to do something special for him!

Not only did Destiny "connect" with me as I played on that cold December
afternoon, she did a masterful job from behind the lens of capturing me –
the essence of who I am. When I play, I am so absorbed in the gift that God
has given me, the sounds that emanate from my guitar, and somehow that
absorption appeared in my portraits. Just a couple of days later, I
received a link to my online gallery and was able to secretly put together
a large framed collage of my portraits.

Christmas arrived, and after all the gifts were opened, I presented the
large wrapped gift to my husband. As he gently tore away the wrapping paper
from that collage frame, the tears quietly began streaming down his face.
Through his tears, he lovingly gazed at each of the portraits in that
frame. What a beautiful moment for me to savor, one that I will never

Best. Christmas. Ever.  For both of us."


-Debby Young

"When it comes to picking a photographer I want someone who not only makes me feel comfortable but also my family as well. I want someone who can truly capture the smiles of my loved ones, make them giggle, but still have the ability to show off their own unique personalities..this IS Destiny. From the time when Destiny first photographed me when I was an uncomfortable, swollen, 30+ weeks pregnant she made me feel comfortable & confident in my ever growing body. Since then she has done numerous family photo sessions & soon my wedding, I have never doubted my choice once in a photographer. I have signed her on for life. Destiny’s fun-loving personality is contagious, she truly captures the most perfect moments all while caring about her clients & what means the most to them. She is easy going, flexible, & a breeze to work with. You will not regret your decision. ♥️"

-Liz Schraad

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