Dustin Sypher: 

Tall Grass Forge

I had the pleasure of working with Dustin this month. Dustin is a remarkable artist who's abilities range in ways I cannot fathom possessing. Dustin has a magnetic personality that is both energizing and calming. He has such a knowledge for his craft. 

During our consultation, I am almost certain that I said "Wow" "This is incredible" and "You have such a gift" at least 500 times. I was truly floored and blown away. He showed me his work space, and in that space I realized that this man wasn't limited to any one art form. Dustin paints, plays guitar, crafts the most beautiful furniture I have ever seen, and forges the most breathtaking pieces of art from reclaimed materials. 

One of my absolute favorite pieces that he showed me was a live edge coffee table with a base made from forged metal. The base was fashioned into what looked to be a tree trunk with the most incredible vine and branch-like pieces sprouting from the base and running underneath the length of the chair. Dustin told me that it was a sort of way to pay tribute to where the materials came from. This man took discarded items and curated something so magnificent that it felt like a privilege to behold. 

Dustin showed me this glorious piece of spalted maple that he was turning into a Harvest table. I had never seen wood like that before. It had these rich dark lines running through the grain- it was beautiful. I asked him what I was looking at and he said that those dark lines in the grain are caused by the decaying process. The tree was dying. Again, this man is taking something that is lacking life and preserving its story, while giving it a new purpose. 

During the tour, I lost track of time. I just marveled. Marveled at this incredible, humble, multifaceted man. Marveled at the immense skill he possesses, marveled at the brilliance of his pieces...and marveled how much heart he puts into his work. Getting to meet Dustin, and watch him work filled my heart up. You can visibly see the joy that goes into everything he does, and it is contagious. 

Dustin Sypher 

Artist Blacksmith at D Sypher Designs

Email: tallgrassforge@gmail.com

Located in Lawrence, KS 


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